Tewkesbury Bible Learning Centre

Opens 1st July - 31st August 2017, God Willing


This amazing centre is designed for one purpose - to help encourage everyone to READ THE BIBLE!

The Bible Learning Centre is at 105 High Street ,Tewkesbury and is open Monday to Saturday 10am til 4:30pm.

What we have learned since signing the lease is that 105 High Street, Tewkebsury was actually the home of the first Christadelphian in Tewkesbury and his name was William Osborne. 

William Osborne lived from 1825 to 1899 and was baptised 1868. William ran his own grocery business  from this exact address and lived above the shop.  

In fact William Osborne wrote one of the hymns in the Christadelphian Hymn Book - "A rose shall bloom in the lonely place"

We have also learned that the Tewkesbury ecclesia met in this exact address until the mid 1880’s when they built their own hall.

In 1867 (exactly 150 years ago) Robert Roberts (a pioneer Christadelphian) was invited by William Osborne to give a lecture in Tewkesbury. 

He would have undoubedtly stayed with William Osborne at 105 High Street that evening.

It is incredible that we "found" this property and without prior knowledge of its background have re-established a Christadelphian preaching place there.

So what will you find at the Bible Learning Centre?

Well the exact same message and understanding of the BIble that William Osborne and Robert Roberts had over 150 years ago.

We have a small Bible Exhibition, Bibles and Children's Bible books for sale, seminars and 1-1 Bible discussions and much more.

Please do come and visit us during the 2 months we are open.